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In the series “Oneliners for Flash” this is a handy one for stopping the current timeline for a while and continuing after a certain amount of time. A nice replacement of endless inserted frames: stop(); var interval:Number = setInterval(function () : Void {clearInterval(interval); play();}, 2000); The number at the end, 2000, is the number of […]

27 Jun, 2006, 23:04 o'clock

JSFL, Javascript for Flash, supports running scripts from other script files. The syntax is not very lucky, and I would have preferred something like import, but its availability allows for creation of libraries for reuse. The file contains “newItem.jsfl”, that contains a few functions that come in handy when creating a new linked movieclip […]

25 Jun, 2006, 19:44 o'clock

When defining a member variable of type Array, put a Javadoc comment (/** */) on the line above the declaration, so it will appear when hovering over a reference to the member variable. Example: /** of type SubjectData */ private var mSubjects : Array;

23 Jun, 2006, 15:52 o'clock

Situation: You load an external swf and render it to a bitmap. On rollover, you tell it to go to another frame, and rerender it, to get the rollover image from the loaded swf. If you do this by giving it a label (gotoAndStop(“over”)), it will miss the new frame half of the time, and […]

23 Jun, 2006, 15:50 o'clock


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