One of the features of the Yala logging viewer is its low CPU load. I began to notice while looking at the Activity Monitor on my Mac that Yala was quite constant at roughly 3.5% CPU load. I also saw that the twitter client I just started using, DestroyTwitter, had an average load of around 7%, sometimes staying around 18% for minutes. That’s a lot of CPU power (and hence power draw & battery load). I began to wonder if a basic empty AIR application would show the same behaviour. And guess what? An empty AIR application draws 3% CPU load on a MacBookPro 3rd gen. For doing nothing, I find that quite rediculous.
The profiler doesn’t make me much wiser. It seems to spend quite some time doing [reap]. Did someone implement a grim reaper? Is the application desperately trying not to die? Maybe time for looking up the bug base for AIR.

19 Feb, 2009, 11:03 o'clock

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