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The function flash.utils.getDefinitionByName has been discussed in various other places (amongst others here and of course in the documentation), but it took a bit of a mental jump to use it as the solution for the problem that linked library instances without a class are not known inside FDT.Suppose we have a library item with a […]

25 Nov, 2007, 22:48 o'clock

With the FDT plugin, Eclipse turns your JavaDoc comments into popups that appear whenever hovering over a code that has JavaDoc comments attached to it. This can be any class, member variable or function. Attaching comments is done by putting a comment right over the element you wish to attach it to, in JavaDoc style: […]

3 Jul, 2006, 15:21 o'clock

When defining a member variable of type Array, put a Javadoc comment (/** */) on the line above the declaration, so it will appear when hovering over a reference to the member variable. Example: /** of type SubjectData */ private var mSubjects : Array;

23 Jun, 2006, 15:52 o'clock


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