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Here’s the first draft of my source files for Fourier Transform. Currently the swf expects a sound file named “test.mp3” in the same folder, but you can easily change that. It’s drawing the spectral analysis of the first couple of seconds of sound of that mp3 file.  I have code lying around to load a file […]

1 Mar, 2009, 20:39 o'clock

One of the features of the Yala logging viewer is its low CPU load. I began to notice while looking at the Activity Monitor on my Mac that Yala was quite constant at roughly 3.5% CPU load. I also saw that the twitter client I just started using, DestroyTwitter, had an average load of around […]

19 Feb, 2009, 11:03 o'clock

  Notice something strange in the log output in the image? Each line is a ProgressEvent as received from a Loader. Check the bytes loaded… Why do we get the event a second time for the old number of loaded bytes by the time the new number of bytes has been received? Is that a […]

11 Feb, 2009, 12:15 o'clock

A few years ago I developed a logging class plus viewer application for debugging purposes. Main requirement was lightweightedness: the logging code should put as little pressure on the CPU as possible, and so should the viewer. At LBi Lost Boys, the company I’m working for, we’ve been using this utility over the last years, […]

4 Feb, 2009, 13:05 o'clock

The presentation by Adobe’s Jim Corbett on Alchemy at the Adobe MAX 2008 conference in Milan last Tuesday (2nd of December), got me thinking about something I used to spend quite some time on back in the early 90’s, when I studied Sonology at the Kon. Conservatorium in Den Haag: spectral analysis & (re)synthesis of sound. […]

4 Dec, 2008, 14:01 o'clock

I’m experimenting a bit with flocking. Haven’t gotten as far a moving stuff in any interesting way yet, but it’s fun enough to fool around with maths I haven’t looked at for decades. In the sample below you can see how the vectors of attraction pull the birds (yeah right!) to the common center, while […]

26 Dec, 2007, 23:28 o'clock

One of those things… The event ADDED_TO_STAGE, dispatched by any DisplayObject when it gets added to the stage (duh) as opposed to added to a parent, wasn’t available in Flash player 9 before 9.0.28. That basically means we can’t really trust it will be available until statistics prove that any and all minor releases prior […]

25 Dec, 2007, 0:42 o'clock

The function flash.utils.getDefinitionByName has been discussed in various other places (amongst others here and of course in the documentation), but it took a bit of a mental jump to use it as the solution for the problem that linked library instances without a class are not known inside FDT.Suppose we have a library item with a […]

25 Nov, 2007, 22:48 o'clock

In the publish settings, you have the option (on by default) to have named child instances inside a particular MovieClip instance declared in the created class automatically. Suppose we have a class MainController as Document Class, and a library item instanced on the root timeline with name “myClip_mc”. When automatically declaring instances, I can talk […]

29 Aug, 2007, 14:30 o'clock

I guess, even as a Windows developer, you will notice it when your Interaction Designer and/or Visual Designer has a Mac. About every effect Mac OS X offers, has to be repeated at some point in some Flash application. So can do you all of the following? mirroring Expose Icon Dock iTunes Coverflow Genie So here’s a first version of […]

28 Aug, 2007, 15:44 o'clock


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